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Client Feedback

We are committed to our clients, and rewarded by their success. Here's a sample of their feedback*:

"You have certainly provided us with a first class service"

"A real commitment to our business - the type of commitment usually only seen in a partner"

"The best consultant I have ever worked with"

"We are all thrilled and I thank you and your colleagues for your help"

"I will certainly recommend your services to firms looking to gain the Lexcel accreditation"

"Thank you for your help and support throughout this process"

"I have been very impressed with J T-W Consulting and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them"

"I have now received notification that the firm is now Lexcel Accredited. Thank you for all your kind assistance."

"Thanks for your ongoing assistance. It is greatly appreciated."

"It’s more than O.K., it’s really good. I do appreciate the extra thought and help you provide"

"I would like to commend the service and welcoming manner in which the phone is answered and queries handled"

From a Lexcel assessor's report, referring to the Manual we created for our client: "The Office Manual is at the centre of the documentation trail. It is a clear and comprehensive document. All relevant aspects of the Lexcel standard are fully included and the regular updates have been recorded. This is an excellent example and worthy of mention. The past work of the advisory consultancy can be seen to have been advantageous in ensuring all aspects of the Standard have been included"

"We thank you profoundly for all your help and assistance"

"I am glad I picked up the phone and made the initial contact as it has set me for the new raft of changes ahead"

"Auditor commented positively on your involvement"

"We definitely would not be in the position we are in now without your excellent consultancy and support throughout the year"

From another assessor's report, referring to another client and the system we created for them:"The practice has made excellent use of a Lexcel consultant who hosts the very comprehensive and easy to navigate OM/QMS on a web based server to which all members of staff have on line access and which ensures that only the current version is available for reference. The practice has very comprehensive and easy to understand policies, which are cross referenced as appropriate, and retained in its Quality Management System (QMS) which is simple to navigate because it is computer/internet based"

"When we develop further I would not hesitate to contact you for assistance and nor would I hesitate to recommend your services to others"

"Thank you – it really has been worth the time spent as I have noticed the mindset (of myself) and the firm generally has changed"

"In one of those strange coincidences [our MD] was later at a social event with one of your previous clients. Apparently they couldn't recommend you enough, they were full of praise for you and how you had worked with them"

"Once again thanks for all your hard work in helping us achieve this standard"

"I am embarrassed that in all the euphoria which followed our being granted Lexcel Accreditation, I forgot to write to you and your team thanking you for your assistance over this project which is, believe me, greatly appreciated"

"Just an update to let you know that we are very happy with the QRMS [quality & risk management system] and make no amendments at all save for adding names of various appointed officers"

"You listen to what we want to achieve and advise accordingly"

From another assessor's report: "The Firm engaged consultants to support them through the changes and this investment has paid off"

"The feedback from your course yesterday has been really excellent. I feel there is a real buzz of determination in the office"

"Thank you very much for all your help. The assessor was very complimentary of our manual and confirmed it covered everything"

"A pleasure dealing with you all"

"I will be recommending your services and good nature to anyone who asks me"

"You gave us what you promised and what we asked you for"

"A good team, thank you"

"Turnaround time is quick and if unable to turn around quickly would advise accordingly. Always kept up to date"

"Thank you very much and to Cynthia for her patience in dealing with my various enquiries"

"The new QRMS [quality and risk management system]... looks very impressive"

"We are very pleased with the QRMS and I express my personal thanks for your assistance"

"I really do appreciate all the work you do for us. I know we pay for it but your service is exceptionally good"

"I'm very pleased to say we passed, and now await the certificate. Many thanks again for all your help and guidance"

"I shall have no hesitation in recommending others to you"

"Very impressed by your speed of response, including communication at weekends!"

"Thank you again for the excellent quality of the training you provided which I think was universally appreciated"

"Your input and help was very much appreciated"

"Clear, knowledgeable, personable"

"Thanks for your help. Your meeting was very useful for my audit. I have passed..."

"Made everything easy to understand"

"The assessor was very complimentary about our systems, staff, files, in fact everything!"

"Thank you and also your team"

"Thank you for delivering the QRMS ahead of schedule. We are very pleased with the results"

"Enlivened a perceived 'boring' topic"

"We are very pleased and thank you for your help"

"Delightful speaker, made a dull subject interesting"

"By way of feedback the assessor commented that the Manual was one of the best she has seen so well done"

"Excellent presentation"

"We are very pleased with progress to date and thank you for your substantial input"

"Thank you for your help with our office manual. We had our assessment on the 19th of July, and we passed"

"Very approachable"

"Very many thanks for all that you have done for us today. I can see that it is a significant piece of work"

"Well presented and all questions fully answered"

"Thank you very much for your help and support"

"Thank you for your help – it made all the difference"

"Well prepared and concise"

"Very informative. Funny; good dry sense of humour. Answered all our questions"

"Thanks for all your help in getting us there"

"They are more expensive but you get what you pay for"

"The Gap Analysis is very clear and concise"

"We were very pleased to have had your input, support, and excellent Quality Management System in preparation for the Lexcel assessment"

"Couldn't have got this far without your help and encouragement"

"Thank you very much for all the help and support all the way, and pushing us"

"It is really helpful to know you are at hand as and when we need assistance"

"Excellent interpersonal skills"

"I am very impressed with the documentation you have produced"

"We certainly couldn't have done it without your advice and help"

"Keeps it interesting and light-hearted"

"Thank you very much for all of your excellent advice, support (and documents / the manual) over this last year"

"Many thanks for JTW’s help at the start of our process to give us the base on which to build". 
"Courteous and attentive"

"We go 'live' with our new QMS tomorrow. Once again thank you for getting us to where we are"

"I am very impressed with the layout and how easy it is no navigate the manual"

"Thank you for what is a very thorough manual"

"We have valued your practical support and sensible advice"


From an SRA audit report on our CPD training: “Exceptionally conversant with Lexcel”, “The training worked well”, “Virtually everyone participated” and “The way the course was structured was well thought out”

"All that was needed"

"You seemed to make a dry subject interesting"

"Our assessor, commended us (and you!) on our excellent manual. [He] indicated that it is the best he has seen"

"You have been of great assistance and at the same time have ensured we have taken responsibility"

"Interesting and entertaining"

"Assisting the business through a time of substantial growth"

"Such a worthwhile exercise"

"Very down to earth and approachable"

"Very supportive"

"Clear, helpful and provided an understanding of why implementing a system was necessary"

"Many thanks for all your continued assistance"

"Extremely informative"

"This came at just the right stage of the process of implementation"

"I am much indebted to you for your practical help throughout"

"Good speaker"

"I have let him see my Gap Analysis and of course he is impressed"

"Thanks for your encouragement and support, and of course your know-how"

"Many thanks for your time spent here"

"All colleagues I have spoken to are very pleased with your visit and fired up"

"Stimulating ideas"

"Many thanks for your hard work and continuous guidance, it was much appreciated"

"This is to say how much my colleagues involved in the Lexcel implementation and I have valued your practical support and sensible advice over the time since we first considered adopting Lexcel"

"The feedback that I have had informally through the firm was favourable"

"Informative and friendly"

"I much appreciated your prompt and detailed responses which were invaluable to us"

"Made the information clear and understandable"

"We have been thinking of you and all the work you did for us and we are very grateful"

"Thank you for your considerable assistance"

"As always I am very grateful for your help and the speed with which you have managed it"

"The manual is super"

"Your continuing help is much appreciated"

"Draft Office Manual - Just what we needed"

"Very many thanks - a great help"

"Thank you so much ...I really appreciate it"

"Very helpful and motivational"

"It would have been far more painful and taken a lot longer without your guidance and support"

"Excellent. My enthusiasm was reinforced. Thank you"

"Thank you so much for all your help on our QMS"

"Highly recommended"

"Your courtesy and efficiency [were] greatly appreciated"

"Helped enormously"

"Thank you for all your time and comments which we found valuable"

"Thank you for your help ...and in such a short space of time"

"Once again, very many thanks for all your help - much appreciated"

"Wow that was fast!"

"Thank you once again - appreciated"

"I am much indebted to you for your practical help throughout"

"Support during this traumatic period has been excellent"

"Excellent change management skills"

"Thank you so much for your assistance, patience and guidance"

"Thanks for all your help, it has really paid off"

"You have done a very good job"

"Appreciate your understanding which not many providers would be offering"

"Thank you so much for all your hard work; we could not have done it without you"

"Couldn't have done it without your support"

"You have put a spring in our step and given us the impetus to get moving"

"Thanks for your help"

"Always offers practical advice"

"Entertaining and knowledgeable"

"Thank you for all your help throughout the creation of our QMS"

*A file containing all the feedback above is available for inspection at our office.


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